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Watch this video and more on HEF Training

Watch this video and more on HEF Training

Burn Week | Wacky Wednesday | Bodyweight

Workout Archive • 37m

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  • Burn Week | Buck-It Thursday | Bodywe...

    Workout begins at: 20:25 min

    60s ON : 30s OFF | 3 Rounds

    1] Push-up to Shoulder Tap Hold (5sec)
    2] Explosive Jump Squat to Broad Jump
    3] Don't worry its real easy ;) Iso Lunge hold (30s R: 30s L)
    4] Front Step to Front Kick Thru
    5] Russian Twist to Butterfly Sit-up
    6] Underswitch t...

  • Burn Week | Friday After Party | Body...

    Workout begins at: 19:30 min


    Complete 4 Rounds (Rest 60s after 2 rounds)
    1] Lunge Gumbo (Lat Lunge L/R + Seesaw Lunge L/R)
    2] Burpee to Lateral High Knees
    3] Spiderman Push-ups
    4] Handstand Hold
    5] Tempo Pulsing Sumo Squats

  • Muscle Week | Friday | Full Body | 6...

    Workout begins at: 15:45 min

    Equipment list:

    - Bench/Deck
    - Single Heavy Dumbbell
    - Pair of HAF Dumbbells


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