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Watch Beyond | Workout 23

Watch Beyond | Workout 23

Beyond | Workout 23

5-Week Beyond Program • 45m

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  • Beyond | Workout 24

    Workout #24 HARD and HEAVY

    Part 1]
    10 min EMOM [switch sides every minute]
    Cheat Clean
    Kneeling Press
    Stand up
    KB Jerk
    S/A Vertical Clean
    S/A Squat
    S/A Swing

    Part 2]
    5 Min EMOM
    6 DKB Swing
    4 DKB Cleans
    2 DKB Thrusters
    1 DKB Lunge [each leg]

    Part 3]
    8 min AMRAP
    6 Unilateral HAF Glute Bridge Flo...

  • Beyond | Workout 25

    Workout #25 Open Format

    Snatch Tower
    3 min MAX REP

    Unload Beast Wave
    Loaded Beast Sprawl to s/a KB Thruster[Park]
    Pull to Front Rack
    R Swing
    R High Swing
    R Tactical Snatch
    L Windmill
    Pull to Front Rack
    Swing Switch to Figure of 8 into waiters catch
    Curtsey Lunge + Park Bell
    Hop ba...