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Watch this video and more on HEF Training

Watch this video and more on HEF Training

PFC Online | Muscle Thursday [Arms] - 11.19.20


Up Next in NOVEMBER 2020

  • PFC Online - Muscle Friday [SHOULDERS...

    Workout begins at: 18:00 min

    Equipment list:

    - Lighter Pair of Dumbbells
    - Moderate Pair of Dumbbells
    - Heavy Pair of Dumbbells
    - Heavier Pair of Dumbbells
    - Heavy AF Pair of Dumbbells

  • Burn Week | Monster Monday - 11.23.20

    Workout begins at: 15:00 min

    Equipment List:
    - Two light to moderate Kettlebells
    - One heavier Kettlebell

    Hannah is rocking the FYR Apparel "Introvert" Muscle Tank. You can pick one up here:

  • Burn Week | Tabata Tuesday - 11.24.20

    Workout begins at: 16:30

    Equipment list:

    - Light Pair of Kettlebells - Bottoms Up Squats
    - Moderate Single Kettlebell
    - HAF Kettlebell for Swings