Tutorials & Basics

Tutorials & Basics

New to my programming? No problem! Check out some basic tutorials HERE!

Tutorials & Basics
  • Russian KB Swing Tutorial

    Here Hannah breaks down every aspect of the Kettlebell Swing. Follow along and become more comfortable with the swing.

  • Click Kettlebell FLOW

    Equipment list:

    - One Moderate Kettlebell

  • KB Tutorial | Grip Breakdown

    This video will help you become more fluent with the lingo we use during workouts. Enjoy!

  • Monster Monday Challenge

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    This is something great that you can stack on top of your workout that day OR during an active recovery day to improve a skill.


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    Understanding the basic movements in fitness is key for a strong foundation. A strong foundation will help all aspects of your fitness game.


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    Recovery is an essential component to your fitness game. Recovery will decrease the risk of injury and allow your body to recuperate from the intense training sessions.

    Listen to your body.